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“I oppose any tax increase on Houstonians! We need spending controls, not more taxes!”

Houston Mayoral Candidate Ben Hall Tuesday called Houston City Hall spending out of control, vowing to save taxpayers from being shaken down so that politicians can dole out political favors to their friends.

“We do not need a tax increase,” says Hall. “We need a new business approach to controlling city spending. Houstonians are paying some of the highest fees, taxes and license charges ever in this city. And, while we surely have fiscal challenges they are more the product of bad management, than insufficient funds. Enough is enough!”

It was this same City Hall that promised a dedicated drainage fee that turned out to be a slush fund for bike trails, employee salaries and bonuses. The Texas Supreme Court has rejected the manner in which City Hall sold the rain tax to taxpayers—calling the campaign misleading.

We need a new way of addressing the City’s core services and reject excessive spending at City Hall.

Career politicians will bring more of the same.

Vote Businessman Ben Hall for Mayor.

POSTED BY The Ben Hall for Mayor Campaign on July 14 2015