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I am disgusted to hear there is a group publicly accusing my family of signing some anti-gay petition. That is false. They are seeking to divide Houstonians. The present Mayor has already done enough of that.

I am not anti-anybody.

I am a Christian, husband and father. I am running to be Mayor of all Houstonians.

Let me be crystal clear.

I support the right of all Houstonians to vote on important social issues that impact their lives. That is why my family and I proudly signed a petition that would allow Houstonians to vote on a clear legal definition of “gender.”

It is no secret the City of Houston is operating under a legally flawed and unenforceable definition of gender in the city charter. I believe the language would allow a male sexual predator to simply dress up as a woman to gain access to a woman’s restroom. That is a public safety issue, not an issue of sexual orientation.

Houstonians are tired of the hypocrisy of career politicians. Houstonians are smart. They can read the petition and vote.

I will fight for their right to vote.

POSTED BY Campaign Team on July 21 2015